Divine Treats for Your Pooch

(*Gourmet treat menus may vary.)

Give your dog a little taste of something special while they are at Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa. Choose from the following delectable line:

Freeze Dried Ice Cream Nuggets – $0.50 per piece or $5.50 per package (Very popular and tasty.)

Stripped Wafer Cookies – $0.50 (Striped and fabulous.)

Festive Yogurt Cookies – $0.50 (Cutie Pie Treats are only for Extreme Cutie Pies.)

S’More Cookies – $0.50 (A little chocolate, a little vanilla, is good for the canine soul.)

Peanut Butter Goober Cookies – $0.45 (If you want to make your pet’s tail wag, this is the cookie.)

Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies – $0.40 (If you want to see your pet’s tail wag, accompanied by a back flip, this is definitely the cookie.)

Peanut Butter Cream Cookies – $0.50 (Designed for peanut butter sinners.)

Carob Cream Sandwich Cookies – $0.50 (Designed for chocolate sinners.)

Lucky Lolli Pups – $0.50 (Do you feel lucky? Make our day.)

Munchie Truffles – Bite sized rawhide balls – $0.45 (Only for the pets with an extravagant pallet.)

Peanut Butter Cookies – $0.30 (Just like Grandma used to make.)

Animal Crackers – $0.15 (For the love of all animals.)
Soft Peanut Butter Nuggets – $0.25 (A tasty snack for the peanut butter lover.)

Small Peanut Butter Drops – $0.10 (A sweet treat for our little ones!)

Meat-In-Da-Bone Stuffed Bones – Cheese & Bacon, Beef & Peanut Butter
Small $6.00 / Large $10.00 (If you want to keep your pet occupied for the
next seven years, get one of these babies!)

Flavored Nyla Bones – Cheese, Peanut Butter & Bacon
Reg $5.00 / Wolf $4.25 / Giant $5.50 – Carrot available too in the giant size / Super $9.75 – Only cheese & peanut butter available in this size. (A great treat for those vanity pets who insist on flashing their pearly whites at everyone they see.)

Cheese Noodles – $0.10 per piece / $2.50 per bag (A great snack for the cheese lovers.)

PuPeroni Thins – 0.15 per piece or $4.99 per tube (You don’t have to go all the way to Italy for the BEST!)

Pretzel Rawhide – $3.00 (It’s a total chew fest.)

Pork Hide Dog Chew for the Lightweight – 1.50 (Authentic stamp of approval from Porky the Pig himself!)

Regular Chew Hooves – $1.00 (Some poor cow is walking around with out feet, but man are they tasty.)

Stuffed Hooves – $3.50 (Stuffed with peanut butter, cheese & bacon or beef) (Even the footless cow wouldn’t have a problem with this one.)

Beef Jerky Fillets – $0.75 (Tender fillets of smoked beef jerky – Yummy!!)

Chicken Teriyaki – BBQ, Pork or Duck Fillets – $0.75 (A leaner jerky for the health conscience pet – God Bless Ya, Some One Has To Do It!)

Smoked Pig Ears – $2.00 (Your pet is gonna love ‘em!)

Meat & Marrow Sandwich Bones – 0.25 (A tasty treat for the meat lover.)

Taco Chews – $1.25 per piece / $5.00 per sack (For the spicy personality.)

Marrow Bones – $5.50 Large / $9.50 Giant

Knuckle Bone – $2.50 (These are real bones.)

Braised Short Rib with Potato Au Gratin Biscuit – $.040 (No more waiting for the leftovers)

Roasted Turkey W/ Sweet Potato Biscuit – $0.40 (A taste of Thanksgiving for any day!)

Dog Gone Bagels: Cheese, Garlic, Cinnamon Raisin – $0.60 (With 3 tasty flavors – These bagels will be gone!)

Fat Free Strawberry Yogurt Cups – $1.00 each (A refreshing taste of the tropics.)

Fruity Granola Rawhide – $1.25 each (A little taste of the tropics.)
Disclaimer: Menu changes frequently and prices subject to change