love is our specialty


love is our specialty


love is our specialty


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All dogs will be greeted by their personal caregiver and taken to the play yard where they will begin the fun immediately.


When you arrive at our resort, all cats will be greeted by their personal caregiver and swept away to the Cat’s Meow Cattery.


It can be hard to leave your pet at home all day alone. While you’re busy at work, your pet will be busy at our facility


Pamper your loving dog through our unique pet grooming services that will make them the best version of themselves.








Leaving your pet can be worrisome. Whether you need pet boarding for your dog or cat while you're away, or doggie day care while at work, Aunt B's Pet Resort is a great place for your pet to stay. We take worries away by offering top of the line, one-on-one pet care, and providing as much love as you would at home. The goal at Aunt B's is to eliminate your pet's separation anxiety and make sure that their experience at Aunt B's in Deforest just outside of Madison, WI is like their own little vacation.

Why is Aunt B's Pet Resort and Spa near Madison, WI great for your pet?

At Aunt B's, we will treat your pet like our own. Whether it's dog kenneling for an extended time or doggie day care while you're at work, we are unique in many ways.

We have loving pet caregivers present in your pet's cottage from the time they wake up until they go to bed.

Your pet gets socialization and play time in our numerous play yards every hour.

Tell us about the unique requirements your pet has, and we will customize care so they get those important details from us that they receive when they are at home.

Daily meetings ensure every single pet in our care is getting all they need in terms of food, exercise, and that they are happy and content. We are also prepared to work with existing health issues or medical problems that might arise.

Does your pet have a health issue? We can work with a wide array of issues due to our vast experience.

Every member of the Aunt B's team works to give your pet love and care as well as get to know your pet's unique personality. We strive to develop relationships with each and every pet, so they feel loved and have fun.

Why Not Let Your Pets Go On Vacation Too?

Do you love the idea of staying in a beautifully decorated cottage with a decor that makes you feel cozy and peaceful? What about a daily activity program full of fun and excitement with a soothing dip in the pool, a warm soak in a jacuzzi or hiking in a gorgeous wilderness park? Or even eating your favorite food and having the option to choose from an array of tantalizing treats? If this sounds like an appealing vacation experience, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s exactly what we offer every single pet that comes to us for a unique, unforgettable stay at our Pet Resort in Deforest, WI.


Aunt B News

Every day that your pet is at our resort, they will be treated to an action-packed, fun-filled day, while reserving some time for relaxation.

Besides our five home-like cottages with beautiful tile flooring, bedding, and sun-filled rooms. Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa will give your pet the one-on-one support and love to make your animal feel safe and secure during their stay. Please enjoy reading more about what is happening at the resort.