Marley’s Swimmin’ Hole

$8.75 per dog / per swim

Our heated, indoor swimming pool gives your pet the chance to frolic and play. This service is perfect for all dogs, especially the water-loving breeds. In addition to pool access, we have two pool add-ons that will be perfect for your pooch.

Swimming Lessons

$15.00 per dog / per lesson

If you don’t know if your dog is a water dog, let our trained staff give your hesitant pup the confidence they need to overcome their fear of water and learn to swim. Some dogs never find their sea legs and we will know after about three sessions if you pet is a true water dog or a satisfied land lover.

Personal Pool Rental

$15.00 for 15 min. / $30.00 for 30 min.

If you are missing those long summer days at the lake with your dog, or your Vet has recommended water therapy to improve your dog’s mobility, come swim with your own dog in our heated pool.

Pool Rental

"Love is our Specialty!"

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