Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters in Madison

“Bring Your Home Into Ours”

Finding a reliable pet sitter to come into your home can be burdensome. Although neighbors, friends and loved ones are happy to help out, asking them to take time out of their busy lives to pet sit for you can be uncomfortable. And, although their intentions are good, they don’t always have time to provide the detailed and loving care you can provide your pet. Utilizing our pet sitting services within our pet resort will ensure that all of the details you provide your pet at home will be met with a customized plan right here at Aunt B’s!

Individualized Schedule

Our pet sitters are all fully trained and experienced animal enthusiasts that are honest, conscientious and reliable. We can work with you to draw up a customized plan which reflects your pet’s needs, including comfort and coddling for the shy and needy pet, special food and feeding requirements, administration of medication and medical monitoring for pets with medical needs or an active and exciting activity plan for the pet that needs constant action. Once your custom plan is in place, our team members are ready to provide every detail that you provide your pet at home. Our pet sitters spend time with your furry family member cuddling them, talking to them and ensuring that they know someone is there to care for them just as you would when you have to be away.

Ideal For Any Time Period

If you’ve recently moved somewhere new, have started a fresh job or taken on new family commitments, our resort pet sitting services can be a great way of ensuring that your pet experiences minimal disruption to their routine. Alternatively, our pet sitting services provide a good long-term option. We offer flexible care, so if you only need day care, just a weekend away or a lengthy vacation, we’re happy to help.

We Love What We Do

As a leading provider of pet sitting services, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to ensure that every pet experiences premium care and genuine affection whenever your pet is in our care. To book a stay or visit, contact us at 608-846-4115.